"Thank God." "Yes. Thank God. And you."
Dan. Twenty. Utter fangirl. Too much love for Downton Abbey, particularly Anna, Bates and Anna/Bates. Brendan Coyle and Joanne Froggatt do things to me. Game of Thrones will also feature heavily because yes.

I used to write bad fanfiction. Nowadays, I mostly write bad porn. Because, you know, that's fun too.

I actually didn’t know that “stick it up your jumper” was an older version of “stick it up your arse” until just now.

Anna, I love you more than ever.

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    OMG Anna you naughty girl! hahaha
  3. annabatesinvestigates said: I figured that was kind of what it meant but knowing it for certain has tipped my love for Anna over the limit.
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    Downton always prompts the most interesting google searches…and leads to interesting finds! burton-trio-obsessor: The...
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    My Nan used to use this expression all the time. :)
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    Was it? Ha! That is brilliant. I loved that line and loved Anna for saying it!
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