"Thank God." "Yes. Thank God. And you."
Dan. Twenty. Utter fangirl. Too much love for Downton Abbey, particularly Anna, Bates and Anna/Bates. Brendan Coyle and Joanne Froggatt do things to me. Game of Thrones will also feature heavily because yes.

I used to write bad fanfiction. Nowadays, I mostly write bad porn. Because, you know, that's fun too.


14 days of Downton Abbey
Day 4: Favorite “upstairs” female character - Lady Mary Crawley

"Life can be so unfair. Everything seems so golden, one minute, then turns to ashes, the next. Can I ask you a question, Carson? Have you ever felt your life was somehow slipping away and there was nothing you could do to stop it?
Women like me don’t have a life. We choose clothes and pay calls and work for charity and do the season. But really we’re stuck in a waiting room until we marry.”
“Haven’t you heard? I don’t have a heart. Everyone knows that.”

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Downton Abbey Mary Crawley


A-Z of Brendan

Letter W-Wedding Belles

I am not religious but I would go to church every Sunday if Father Henry was my priest.  

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Only good part of it Wedding Belles Father Henry


Love. This. Precious. Man.

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Downton Abbey John Bates pretty

make me choose
theclashofqueens asked: sirius black or remus lupin

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Harry Potter Remus Lupin my baby


I swear when Robert was all “relax! go read a book! etc” the look on Bates’ face was just, “LOL ARE YOU KIDDING I HAVE A WIFE TO SEX” 

anyway anyway… baby bates! :P

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Still one of the cutest things ever Downton Abbey John Bates Anna Bates fanart OTP: thank God and you

Game of Sass 4x01

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Game of Thrones
5 notes Not my gifs just need to vent personal probably delete later but banna-caskett-rumbelle ONE OF THE BEST DAYS EVER

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aspiringforever asked: the order or death eaters

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Harry Potter


W is for Wife

“I, John Bates, take thee, Anna May Smith, to be my wedded wife.” (02x08)

"You are not spoiled. You are made higher to me, and holier, because of the suffering you have been put through. You are my wife, and I have never been prouder, nor loved you more than I love you now, at this very moment.” (04x05)

Um yes, hello, I’d like to place an order for a husband who takes his wedding vows as seriously as John Bates, please. Yes, I’ll hold.

Whatever you say about Bates, you can’t deny that he is fiercely loyal — to Anna especially, above all else. On this happy day (02x08), Bates makes the same vow that everyone else is bound to in matrimony — but does everyone stay as doggedly faithful to them as Bates so naturally and easily does?

(We’re just going to ignore his previous marriage, btw. It was clearly a sham of a marriage.)

I’ve always really loved the emphasis he puts on the line, “You are my wife” (04x05), because to him, that simple fact says everything. How could she ever have doubted him, and feared his response, when the very fact that she is his wife promises unconditional love?

Anna has always, always stuck by Bates, “through thin and thin” (as he calls it), but in S4, it’s Bates who now rises magnificently to the occasion and shows no hesitation at all in loving and supporting Anna, even in the worst of times.

If this isn’t love, I don’t know what is.

P.S. Runner-up lines: “What are you up to?" and "We can’t have that.” But i’ve done Nano Banna posts on those already…

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Downton Abbey John Bates Anna Bates OTP: thank God and you


A to Z Of Brendan | V is for Very Nice Spectacles Wearer

Random but true. 

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Brendan Coyle